2018-07-25 – Travelling to York

We are travelling to York today to attend my daughter’s graduation ceremony tomorrow, so the dog goes to my wife’s parents for a short holiday, and I spend much of the day preparing for the journey and ceremony. ¬†I cut my hair, have a shave, get my suit out and check that it still fits me (it does), and get together all of the paraphernalia that we need to take with us – DBS controller, tablets, vaporiser, iPad, iPhone, chargers, etc., etc.

We get away almost as soon as my wife arrives home from work, and have an extremely tiring 5 hour journey, getting caught up in heavy traffic around King’s Lynn which resulted in us being delayed for an hour. ¬†Finally we arrive at our Airbnb accommodation at a shade after 10.30pm, unload the car and fall into bed.

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