2019-06-06 – Crippling pain.

Any thoughts of washing my car or going to the allotment today go straight out of the window this morning.  I’m sitting on the sofa in the lounge drinking my tea, and everything is fine.   I stand up to take the dog for her morning walk, and suddenly I have crippling pain in my lower back and I can’t stand up straight.  I’m guessing that one of the bulging discs in my lower spine (diagnosed over 15 years ago, but not having given me any trouble for a long time) is the culprit.  I never take pills unless absolutely necessary, so the fact that the first thing that I do is take some co-codamol is an indication of how much pain I’m in.  

The painkillers don’t even take the edge off it, and cannabis isn’t much better, so I sit as still as possible (I’ve had a lot of experience of doing this, so I’m pretty damn good at it) with a cushion in the small of my back.   I take the dog out for her two walks, but it is absolutely agonising – I’m unable to stand up straight, and I hobble and stagger around the field by the village hall.  Luckily I don’t bump into anyone that I know.   

This evening I bombard my body with muscle relaxants and painkillers (alcohol, cannabis and ibuprofen), get myself to bed and hope that the pain will be more bearable tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “2019-06-06 – Crippling pain.”

  1. So sorry to hear about your back. I myself am in the 3rd week of sciatica that also hit unexpectedly, but is thankfully now on the way out. Besides pain medication I’ve found heat application (water bottles, cherry pit cushions) to relieve some of the cramp, and in desperation I also ordered a wide elastic back brace, and the support helped also. Wishing you relief and much improvement soon!

    1. Thank you. Pain has receded slightly now, but think I need some physio!
      Sciatica is painful, so I hope yours goes away soon!

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