2019-07-20 – The kitchen tap.

I have the day to myself because my wife is working (again).  I have been meaning to take the kitchen tap apart for several days now (it has recently started to drip, which is most annoying, not to mention an expensive waste of water), so today I grab the bull by the horns and dismantle it.   The tap is a ceramic disc type that doesn’t have the traditional rubber washer inside, so I search on YouTube for a video that shows me what I need to do.  It looks childishly simple (which means that even I should be able to do it) and, indeed, that proves to be the case – I take the tap apart, give the component parts a thorough clean and re-assemble it.  Voila!  A kitchen tap that no longer drips!

When my wife gets home from work we go to Lidl in North Walsham to do the weekly grocery shopping.

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