2018-07-24 – Physio.

I’m off to North Walsham cottage hospital for another physio session on the motorised exercise bike this morning.  I am told to limit myself to 30 to 45 minutes, rather than my usual hour, because of the continuing hot weather, so I stop after 45 minutes.

I am feeling quite tired today, so don’t get up to very much at all when I get back home.   I finish making some cannabutter (cannabis infused butter) for making some cannabis edibles for the neighbour who was questioning me about the benefits of cannabis yesterday, then run the vacuum cleaner around downstairs.  I want to wash the dust off my car (we are driving to York tomorrow for my daughter’s graduation on Thursday, and I’d hate to let the side down by having a grubby motor), but it’s just too hot at the moment – I wait until after dinner, when the day is much cooler!

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