2019-07-22 – Today’s tasks…

Today’s tasks (aside from the usual dog walking) are to order two new batteries for our boat, order some digital scales (for greater accuracy in filling capsules with thiamine, etc.) and make up capsules filled with thiamine for the week ahead.  I negotiate a discount with a battery seller on eBay, and place an order for the boat batteries.  I find some digital scales that will measure with the required accuracy (accurate to 1mg), so I place an order for those.  I make up 70 capsules of thiamine powder (each capsule containing approximately 400mg, so 10 capsules per day give me a daily dose of around 4g).  

My voice is pretty rubbish today (high pitched, slurred and indistinct), so I decide to give my brain the night off.  I vape sufficient cannabis to suppress my tremor, eat some medicated chocolate brownie just before I go to bed, and then turn my neurostimulator off – fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep!

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