2019-03-22 – A subject for my weekly vlog.

I’m struggling with a subject for my weekly vlog today.  My wife’s suggestion (difficulties in diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease) has already been covered in two previous vlogs (#68 – Diagnosis Of Parkinson’s Disease, and #70 – Parkinson’s Disease Misdiagnosis), so there’s no point in doing that again.  I am torn between Ayurvedic medicine, and Psychedelics for Parkinson’s – I decide to research psychedelics, but after an hour or so of reading it becomes apparent that I’m struggling to find enough information to put together a coherent 4 or 5 minute video.  Okay, plan B, Ayurvedic medicine…  An hour later, I am losing the will to live – I’m still struggling to write a script for my video, and I actually consider just not producing a video this week.  The option of not doing a vlog this week seems to relieve the pressure that I was feeling, and I write a reasonable script that I think is just about adequate.  Filming is an absolute nightmare (because I’m unhappy with my voice) and I end up with 50 takes for a 5 minute video.  I pack all of the equipment away while downloading the video to my MacBook for editing, only to discover (halfway through the edit) that I hadn’t pressed the “record” button for the first half of the script.   So… I get the lights, tripod and teleprompter stand down from upstairs (again), set it all up in the lounge (again) and record the first half of the script.  All of the delays mean that I’m still editing the video when my wife arrives home from work, which isn’t exactly ideal.  Luckily I have a very understanding wife, who just cracks on with cooking our evening meal and leaves me alone to finish my video.

3 thoughts on “2019-03-22 – A subject for my weekly vlog.”

  1. suggested topic for the vlog:

    diagnosing Atypical Parkinsons / Parkinsons Plus syndromes. how to distinguish MSA PSP CBS etc.


  2. Hi Ian, hope you are ok, been watching your youtube videos with great interest. I’m concidering medicinal cannabis for my 80 year old mother who has Parkinsons’s disease. She has the tremors and the stiffness and associated aches and pains. She finds the condition intolerable to live with, crys a lot and often expresses a wish to die. She can’t tolerate levadopa and so we are lookng for an alternative treatment. We are concerned about the effects of cannabis on heart rate as my mother has a heart condition and we need to be careful about that. Have you ever measured your heart rate before and after taking the cannabis? We need to keep it under 80 bpm. In view of the calming and stress relieving effects of cannabis, this suggests it may work to lower heart rate, which is what we want. Maybe you could make a video about it? I note you haven’t posted for some time. I am full-time carer for my mother and Parkinson’s I know is a horrible crippling disease. Best wishes to mate and thanks again for making your videos.

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