2019-07-19 – Struggling to motivate myself.

I’m struggling to motivate myself to produce my weekly vlog today.   I almost decide to give it a miss, but then decide to vlog about the fact that I’m so unmotivated that I can’t be bothered to vlog!  Funnily enough, it results in a half decent video, and I have quite a few comments thanking me for putting into words what many people with Parkinson’s Disease experience – I think it is a comfort to find out that you aren’t the only person affected…

This evening my wife and I drive over to Felthorpe to visit my wife’s youngest son, his wife and our youngest granddaughter, where they are camping for a couple of nights to try out a second-hand trailer tent that they purchased recently.   It wasn’t great camping weather (it was chucking it down with rain), but it was a good test of the trailer tent, which survived without letting any rain in.  

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