2018-07-26 – My daughter’s graduation ceremony.

We are awake early and getting ready for my daughter’s graduation ceremony at York University this afternoon.  I adjust my DBS neurostimulator, turning up the voltage on the left side by 0.3 volts (now 3.1 volts on the left side, the right side is unchanged at 2.45 volts) to take care of some troublesome tremor in my left leg – I must remember to turn it back down again later so that I don’t get any over-stimulation effects.  My daughter arrives, and we check out of our accommodation and catch a bus into the centre of York – we are taking her out to lunch at a tapas restaurant called Ambiente before we make our way to the university campus.  We have an array of tasty food to sustain us, and then return to collect my car and drive to the university.

The graduation ceremony goes smoothly and my daughter gets through it without any of her imagined disasters (tripping and falling over, headgear falling off, etc.) taking place – I’m a very proud parent!

After taking photos, my wife and I begin our journey home (this time without any traffic jams) arriving back in Southrepps around 11pm.

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