2019-04-11 – Breathing techniques.

It’s the second group speech therapy session this morning, so I surprise the dog by taking her for an early walk and then I drive to Norwich Community Hospital in time for the start of the session at 10am.  We discuss breathing techniques to help with voice projection, and we sit around the table making silly noises and feeling self-conscious.  I’m sure that these techniques will prove useful in the not-too-distant future, especially if I make myself do my homework (which involves making silly noises for 20 minutes a day, in the privacy of my own home – the dog is going to think I’ve lost the plot!).

2 thoughts on “2019-04-11 – Breathing techniques.”

  1. Hello, Ian. Enjoy your writing & vlogs. Diagnosed PD 12 years. I’m curious about the breathing, speech, language, swallowing, drooling thing you’ve mentioned. Must be especially hard with a cold! How are your efforts to improve going? Mine not so good. Referred for another round of “speech therapy” but not much effect previously. Never had any such problems before DBS-STN, Boston Scientific Vercise, 2016. Although DBS did fix my huge tremor, it also caused worse balance, gait, walking, speech & language problems. I relayed your comment on programming at my last session & it has improved things for me somewhat, but still much room for improvement. Neurologist was surprised at your comment (he thought it would be the opposite), but tried it & it worked. He said he would relay it to others at a meeting that night. Sorry, I can’t find your comment & have forgotten what it said (something about increasing or decreasing pulse width???).

    1. Hi Paula

      I’m still struggling with speech, and waiting to have a DBS settings review – the DBS speech therapist thinks that my problems are stimulation related, so waiting for him to arrange a day of settings shake down with the programmer and neurologist. Soon, I hope! I believe the comment made was to go easy on the pulse width setting, which was shrugged off by the programmer at the time…
      I have more issues with balance, gait, speech and language since DBS, but unsure how much is due to DBS and how much is progression.



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