2019-05-26 – Shadowing my wife’s father.

My wife and I, my wife’s mother and younger brother spend the day shadowing my wife’s father on his 100 mile walk.   It’s blowing a gale and it has been raining since yesterday afternoon, so he’s had a difficult night of it.  I’m glad to be in the car!

My wife and her brother take the dogs (our black Labrador and their parents’ Collie) and walk with their father for a little while (at Killhope Mine) – my mother-in-law and I sit and wait in the warmth and dry of the car.

This evening we eat at The Allenheads Inn, before driving to the Allenheads checkpoint, half a mile or so up the road, to offer our ongoing support to my wife’s father, who  seems a lot happier than he was earlier in the day.   We buy a large shot of Glenmorangie from the pub (for my wife’s dad) and deliver it to the next checkpoint (Allendale Town, which he should reach around midnight tonight) – hopefully it’ll spur him on to the finish. 

One thought on “2019-05-26 – Shadowing my wife’s father.”

  1. This is all very inrrresting.
    I joined a yahoo group and I’m getting your blog now. Not sure how.

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