2018-07-16 – Admin tasks…

I have admin tasks to attend to today, which is just as well because I’m really not feeling up to doing much else.  I’m relieved of dog walking duties because my wife is taking her to the vet to have her annual booster injections, so takes the dog to work with her this morning.

I need to email my ex-colleague (the one that my wife and I had lunch with yesterday) with some photos that I promised her, and a whole load of links to podcasts on Cannabis Health Radio about medicinal cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis – she has a friend who has MS and could possibly benefit from cannabis, but who is afraid to try it, so wanted some reference material to assist in persuading her to give it a go.

My next two emails are also cannabis related.  One (to my physiotherapist) to recommend a vaporiser for her partner to try vaping cannabis to treat his PTSD, and another to another ex-colleague whose sister has stage 4 lung cancer and who contacted me wanting to find out about cannabis oil as a treatment for cancer (something that I know very little about, but was able to refer her to somebody who is a bit of an expert).

The remainder of the day is spent searching for a replacement water pump for the boat engine (the existing one is leaking quite badly now).  It’s an obsolete part for an obsolete engine, so perhaps I’ll end up having to have the existing pump reconditioned…

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