2018-07-17 – Physiotherapy day.

Tuesday is physiotherapy day, so I’m off to North Walsham cottage hospital (after drinking my tea and walking the dog) for an hour of cycling on the motorised exercise bike.  I have my brain thoroughly picked by the team of physiotherapists regarding medical applications for cannabis – it’s unbelievable (to me) that they really know nothing of the positive side of cannabis, but spout the usual nonsense that our government has brainwashed them with – I think it’s criminal that access to a medicinal plant is denied to sick people who could really benefit from it.  It angers me.

I decide to wash my car when I get back to Southrepps (I have hardly driven the car since I last washed and polished it for my wife’s niece’s prom, but it’s covered in a thick layer of dust) so I spend a busy hour or two with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge making it clean and shiny again.  Unfortunately, I also succeed in overdoing it, and I feel completely exhausted.  I intended taking some water down to the allotment to water the vegetables (it still hasn’t rained), but I cannot summon up the energy to do so.  Tomorrow, perhaps…

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