2018-07-15 – A busy day of socialising.

We have a busy day of socialising.  An old work colleague of mine is visiting Norwich, so my wife and I meet up with her at the Rushcutters Arms where we have a leisurely Sunday lunch and catch up with each other’s news.

After leaving the pub, we head off to my wife’s youngest brother’s house in Spixworth (via Morrison’s, to purchase beer and soft drinks) to attend the 16th birthday celebrations of my wife’s niece.  Virtually the entire family are there (including my wife’s sons, their partners and our two granddaughters) and a lengthy session of drinking, eating and chatting ensues.  By the time we leave for home it’s getting on for 8.30pm, and we don’t get through our own front door until almost 9pm.

I’m exhausted (again), so am early night is on the cards.

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