2018-07-10 – Below par.

I’m still feeling a little below par, and don’t really want to go to North Walsham cottage hospital for my physiotherapy appointment this morning.  I force myself, though, because I think it’s important to improve muscle tone in my legs.  I spend an hour on the motorised exercise bike, and feel pretty knackered afterwards.  I had an interesting chat to a couple of the physiotherapists (one of whom recognised me from my YouTube video showing the effect of cannabis upon my tremor) about my speech in support of medicinal cannabis at the United Patients Alliance event last week, and about the many  conditions that people are treating with cannabis.  If only our politicians were as open minded as these health professionals!

I return to Southrepps, collapse onto the sofa and spend much of the afternoon fighting off sleep – I think the physiotherapy has taken it out of me.  I wake myself up (momentarily) by taking the dog for her afternoon walk.  I’m planning on another early night tonight.

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