2018-07-11 – A streaming cold.

I have a streaming cold today which, partnered with the fatigue that I’m experiencing, means that I don’t feel very much like doing very much (or anything, to be 100% accurate).

Doctor Frank's Book
Doctor Frank’s Book

I receive a copy of Doctor Frank‘s new book (The A-Z Of Medical Marijuana) in this morning’s mail, which is a nice surprise, and it seems very readable (in spite of the small typeface, which I’m struggling with a little).

The dog drags me around the field a couple of times, but that’s about all the activity that I get until late afternoon when, ashamed of myself, I manage to motivate myself to wander down to our allotment to water the vegetables (still no rain, although it has been overcast today). ¬†On return to our cottage, I vacuum downstairs before resuming my position on the sofa, sweating profusely from my exertions.

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