2018-07-09 – Recharged batteries.

I really have to go to the boat and fit the freshly recharged batteries today – I hate leaving it without any power on board because the bilge pump won’t be working, and that worries me.  So, after I’ve had my mugs of tea and my nutriblast, and walked the dog, I load the batteries into my car and drive over to Wayford Bridge, where our boat is moored.   As expected, the fridge battery that I connected yesterday (so that the bilge pump would be working) has completely discharged, so I connect the newly charged batteries and stick the fridge battery in the car to take back home for charging.  The boat engine starts really easily, and I leave it running while the bilge pump empties the bilges.  Next on the agenda is pouring the jerrycans of red diesel into the boat’s fuel tank, and in doing so I manage to slip and fall into a patch of nettles (which really hurts!).  Luckily my younger brother has turned up to help me, so he helps me to stand up and ensures that I don’t end up in the river (which was a distinct possibility).  I have nettle stings on my left arm and all the way up my back, but aside from that, I’m fine – just annoyed with myself for falling in the first place.

I leave the boat feeling happier about it having freshly charged batteries and a tankful of diesel.  Hopefully we can get some use out of it this year!

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