2018-07-04 – My draft speech.

I need to refine my draft speech for the Patients In Parliament event this Friday – I take into account my wife’s comments, and then time myself reading it to ensure that I’m neither too wordy or too brief.  It takes me a shade under three minutes to read it (the target is three minutes) so that’s okay.  I then film myself reading it, and manage to add about 30 seconds to it, but I’m sure that’ll be alright.

I go to see my neighbours, who have volunteered to give my speech a critical review.  After much speech reading (and quite a lot of tea drinking), we agree on some subtle changes, and I return home to edit my script.

I run the changes past my wife when she gets home, and she approves, so now I just need to work on the rhythm and speed so that it flows nicely and I don’t run out of breath and start strangling my sentences – an added complication that I could do without, frankly.

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