2018-07-03 – A proper workout.

It’s time for another session on the motorised exercise bike, so I’m off to North Walsham cottage hospital after I’ve had my tea and walked the dog. ¬†I manage a solid hour of cycling at between 80 and 100 revolutions per minute, and feel as if I’ve had a proper workout – the current heatwave isn’t helping!

I tackle some domestic chores when I get back home – emptying the washing machine, having the washing out to dry, and ironing some of the stack of clothing that is waiting to be ironed (I’m feeling guilty about my wife doing everything, especially since she hasn’t had a day off work in over three weeks now). ¬†Finally, I vacuum downstairs before collapsing onto the sofa to work on scripting my speech in preparation for the Patients In Parliament event this Friday – I have a finished draft by dinner time, and my wife reviews it and declares it fit for purpose (with a couple of minor revisions) so that’s a relief.

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