2018-07-05 – Scripting, filming and editing.

I am scripting, filming and editing my weekly vlog today, because tomorrow I will be travelling to London to speak in Parliament on behalf of Parkinson’s patients, in favour of the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

I select a subject, research it online and write myself a script.  I have a difficult time filming myself because my voice is so bad – retake after retake, and I’m now starting to worry that my voice will let me down tomorrow, which will be a real bummer!  I’m really not satisfied with the video – it’s just as well that I put subtitles on my videos, because even I would struggle to understand myself without them.  I finish editing it, upload it to my YouTube channel and schedule it for tomorrow evening.

I spend the evening preparing everything for tomorrow – tickets, hardcopy of my speech, directions to the event…

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