2018-07-02 – Still exhausted.

I don’t feel quite as bad as I thought I was going to feel today – I’m still exhausted, though, and I don’t think that the current heatwave that we’re experiencing is helping (not that I’m complaining – give me “warm and dry” over “cold and wet” any day of the week).  My voice is the only outward sign of my fatigue, and it’s weak, husky and slurred, despite my attempts to make it otherwise.

I take the dog for her morning walk, and then spend the rest of the morning thinking about (and researching) the speech that I have been asked to make (on behalf of Parkinson’s patients, in support of medicinal cannabis) in Parliament this Friday.

I have received an email from My Dreams To Reality (the company that, in conjunction with Patient Zero Productions, have been working on The God Plant documentary about cannabis) giving me access to a screening of the film, so I sit down and watch it (with one of my neighbours who was interested to see it) this afternoon.  I’m very pleased with the way that it has turned out, and delighted that they have used so much of the footage that they shot at our cottage last year.

I round the day off with another dog walk and then run the vacuum around downstairs.

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