2018-07-01 – Down at the allotment.

I decide to do some work down at the allotment today, while my wife is at work.   So, after drinking my tea and nutriblast, and walking the dog, I load my wife’s (pink) wheelbarrow with pots of seedlings and a watering can full of water and wander (slowly) down to our allotment.

I spend a couple of hours hoeing, weeding, planting out seedlings and watering some very thirsty plants (we haven’t had any rain for a couple of weeks, and the ground is starting to crack up).   I return home about half an hour before my wife arrives home from work – it’s only then that I realise that I might possibly have overdone it.  I wasn’t exactly exerting myself, but I find myself staggering slightly on the walk back home, and almost collapsing onto the sofa – it takes me a good hour to recover sufficiently to get up off my backside.  I expect I’ll be feeling a little bit sore tomorrow.

I start thinking about my 3 minute speech in Parliament this Friday, and begin my research – I don’t want to find myself still writing it on the train to London!

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