2018-06-30 – Taking it easy (again).

I’m still feeling fatigued, so I’m taking it easy (again) today.  My wife is working all weekend (again) so I decide to deal with some administrative tasks that I can accomplish online from the comfort of the sofa.  I pay the river licence for our boat and settle the invoice for our Calor gas delivery before taking the dog for a stroll around the field by the village hall.

Last week I received an invitation from the United Patients Alliance (UPA) to join them for an event inside the Houses of Parliament next Friday.  I declined the invitation (the event was to do with the legalisation of medicinal cannabis) on grounds of cost, but today I receive a message from the UPA offering to pay my travel costs if I would be prepared to speak on behalf of Parkinson’s patients. Naturally I agreed, so now I need to have a think about what I want to say, and prepare a script for myself (or at least a list of bullet points).  I book my train tickets for next Friday, take the dog for her afternoon walk and then have a quick tidy-up and run the vacuum around downstairs before my wife gets home.

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