2018-06-29 – Fatigue.

I have a vlog to script, film and edit today, and I’m having difficulty in motivating myself to do it.  The last two days at the Royal Norfolk Show have really taken it out of me, even though I spent most of the time sitting down.  My wife (with her tongue firmly in cheek, I suspect) suggested that I choose “fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease” as a subject, so that’s what I do!

I manage to make myself start scripting the video (I have produced a weekly vlog for over 18 months now, and have made a commitment to publish one every Friday, so it’s unthinkable that I would miss this one), and struggle through the filming and editing so that when my wife arrives home from work I’m just about ready to upload the video to my YouTube channel.

We got to Lidl in North Walsham to get some beer and groceries, and then I spend the evening posting links to my vlog on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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