2018-06-28 – The second (and final) day of the Royal Norfolk Show.

We are up at 6am for the second (and final) day of the Royal Norfolk Show.  We drop the dog off at my wife’s youngest son’s house in Hevingham, and we are at the Norfolk Showground by 7.30am.

It’s another scorcher of a day, and the craft tent is buzzing with people.  We had a busy day yesterday, but today is even busier.  If half of the enquiries we have had over the last two days result in orders, then my wife is going to be over the moon.  It’s a difficult thing to sell at an agricultural show, because we are selling a bespoke soft furnishings service rather than having a ready made product to sell, and this is the first time my wife has had a stall at the show so we really weren’t sure what to expect, but the number of (seemingly) serious enquiries is most encouraging.  The flow of potential customers reduces to a trickle by 4pm, and we start thinking about pecking the stall away and carrying it to the car (which we aren’t allowed to do until after 6pm – but there’s no harm in thinking about it).  We actually start clearing away at about  5.15pm, carrying stuff over to the car in the car park because we can’t bring the car into the showground until 7.30pm, and we reckon we can be packed up and on our way home by then!   And so we are – we unload the car at Hevingham, collect the dog, grab a couple of beers from Tesco in Aylsham and arrive back in Southrepps at 8.45pm.

Dinner (soup and soggy croutons), beer, cannabis and bed – we’re both completely exhausted.

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