20018-06-27 – The Royal Norfolk Show.

We’re awake and out of bed at 5.30am, getting ready to leave for the Norfolk Showground where my wife has a stall at the Royal Norfolk Show to promote her soft furnishings business.  A quick cup of tea (coffee for my wife), put the dog in the car and we are on or way to Hevingham to collect my wife’s youngest son (who’s coming to the show to help out) and drop off the dog (who’s being looked after by my wife’s youngest son’s wife).  We arrive at the showground a little after 7am, and prepare ourselves for a long and busy day.

It’s a beautiful day here in Norfolk – brilliant sunshine beating down on us from a clear blue sky.  The show is very busy, and my wife is worn out from smiling at everyone and saying hello.  I’m worn out from watching her – I spend most of the day sitting down at the back of her stall, trying to keep out of the way.  Her soft furnishings business seemed to generate a fair amount of interest, and we’re hopeful that that interest will result in some business over the next few months.  Fingers crossed!

We shut up shop around 6.30pm and head home to Southrepps, picking up our dog (and dropping off my wife’s youngest son) on the way.   We are both exhausted, so an early night is definitely on the cards.

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