2018-06-23 – Up early (for a Saturday).

I’m up early (for a Saturday) because my wife is up early (she’s working all weekend, trying to get things ready for her soft furnishings business‘ stand at the Royal Norfolk Show next week) so, at just a tad after 7.30am, I’m sitting in the sofa in the lounge drinking my morning cuppa.

I’m still feeling very tired from my day in London on Wednesday, so I’m not expecting to achieve very much at all.   I spend a good proportion of the morning posting to social media, and responding to messages and emails, although I do take a break to take the dog for her morning walk around the village hall field.  The afternoon is spent cleaning the bathroom (so that my wife doesn’t have to do it).  It makes me realise how much my Parkinson’s Disease is having an effect on me – it takes me hours to make a thorough job of it, something that I would have accomplished in under 45 minutes prior to PD.  I also have to take a couple of breaks to rest, which makes me feel pretty pathetic.  I finish the afternoon by vacuuming downstairs and walking the dog (again).

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