2018-06-24 – Clearing the junk.

My daughter is coming to stay for a couple of days, arriving this evening, so I spend much of the day clearing the junk from our spare room.  After my morning cuppa, nutriblast and dog walk, I set about clearing the room – moving my filming equipment into our bedroom, vacuuming upstairs, putting stuff up in the loft, cleaning the windows and window sill, making the bed…  It’s certainly not ideal, but at least you can get to the bed without having to climb over stuff, and it is now clean and tidy.

I vacuum downstairs while I’m at it, then take the dog for another walk and drop in to the allotment to see how things are doing.   Considering how little rain we have had over the last couple of weeks, everything is doing really well.  I pull a few weeds up, harvest some spinach and return home to await my daughter’s arrival.

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