2018-06-22 – Chauffeuring…

I am chauffeuring my wife’s niece and her friend to their school prom this evening, so I’m really on the case with my weekly vlog today.  Fortunately I have decided to vlog about my appearance on the Victoria Derbyshire show and my attendance of Doctor Frank D’Ambrosio’s meeting in the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, so no research required!  I have my video completed, uploaded and published by 4.30pm, leaving me just enough time to walk the dog and change into some smart trousers, shirt and tie before getting in the car and driving over to my brother-in-law’s house in Spixworth.

Photographs are taken of the young ladies, dressed in all of their finery, before we load them into my car (which practically requires the use of a shoehorn), I don my chauffeur’s hat and then drive them to the prom (which is all of a mile and a half away).

Chauffeuring the girls
Chauffeuring the girls

 I deliver the girls to the door of the hotel, and then park up to watch the line of classic cars and exotic machinery that the other prom attendees are arriving in, before returning to Southrepps for some dinner (soup and soggy croutons) and then going to Lidl in North Walsham to do our weekly grocery shopping.

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