2018-06-17 – Father’s Day.

Father’s Day, and I have received cards from my son (who is currently in Australia) and my daughter (who is currently in Edinburgh).  My wife is working again today, so I prepare to keep myself busy by washing my car.  Dark clouds loom ominously while I am out walking the dog this morning, and a few drops of rain fall while I’m getting my bucket of soapy water ready, but half an hour later it has passed over and I can continue with my planned activity.  I have washed and dried the car by the time my wife returns from work – I have also completely exhausted myself to the point where I don’t even have the energy to argue when my wife says that she’ll take the dog for her afternoon walk.

We pay a visit to my wife’s parents this evening so that she can give him his Father’s Day presents, and we spend a couple of hours chatting and helping him to drink his Father’s Day beers.

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