2018-06-16 – Practising guitar.

I’ve been very lazy today.  My wife spent the day in her workshop, working on a loose cover that she has been getting stressed about, while I post links on Twitter and Instagram to the latest of my weekly vlogs, walk the dog (twice) and spend most of the rest of the day practising guitar.

I really need to wash my car – I am driving my wife’s niece (and her pal) to their school prom next week, and want the car to be nice and shiny for them.   My free time is going to be greatly reduced next week what with physiotherapy on Tuesday morning and attending Doctor Frank D’Ambrosio’s meeting in Parliament on Wednesday, and I don’t want to find that I get to Thursday and still haven’t done anything about it!  I’ve pencilled it in for tomorrow, weather permitting.

My wife returns from work late this afternoon, and we decide to get some groceries from Lidl in North Walsham, before sitting down in front of the telly for a couple of hours.

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