2018-06-18 – The likely reason…

I finally found out the likely reason for my doctor changing his mind about prescribing exenatide for me – apparently his indemnity insurance would be voided if he prescribed “off label” (i.e. for a condition for which it is not approved).  My neighbour’s son-in-law (a doctor) said that also it would come down to my doctor knowing and trusting the consultant who was asking him to prescribe the drug, so the fact that my neurologist (based in London) is an unknown quantity to him would go against me.   I guess I have to hope that my neurologist will agree to writing the prescription for me, at least in the short term – I will see if I can get to speak to her this week to ascertain her response.

After a cloudy morning, the sun emerges and I get on with the task of polishing my car in preparation for being my wife’s niece’s transport to her school prom this Friday.  It doesn’t take too long (I do it in two shifts) but my reserves of energy are very low (especially after washing the car yesterday) and I feel completely wiped-out by the time I have finished – the car looks great, though!

I finish the day with a trip to the allotment to water the vegetables plants (it hasn’t rained for at least a week, and everything is looking in need of a good drink), and then collapse in front of the telly with a beer (to recuperate).

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