2018-01-23 – Admin tasks.

I have some admin tasks to do this morning so, after taking the dog for her morning walk, I sit on the sofa with the phone and my MacBook and try to sort out the insurance renewal for my wife’s soft furnishing business, transfer money between bank accounts (that I should have done months ago), tax my car, and make an appointment at the dental hospital to have a broken tooth extracted (eek!).

I have been meaning to give my grubby car a wash for some time now, so I take the opportunity to do so while it’s not raining.  The car is very grubby indeed, and it takes me almost 2 hours to wash it and leather it dry.  It really needs a coat of wax, but I simply don’t have the energy to do it today.

I take the dog for another walk and bump into one of my neighbours who asks me to help him put up a light fitting in his house that he can’t manage on his own.  Naturally I agree and, after putting the dog inside, I go across the road to help him.  The light fitting is large but not too heavy, and I don’t have any difficulty (at first) holding it while my neighbour fastens the securing screws.  After I have been holding the light fitting above my head for as minute or so, I’m feeling the pain and strain in my weak arm muscles, and I’m very glad when my neighbour declares that he has finished securing it.  I retire to our little cottage to recuperate, and then (before it gets too dark) split some logs, fill the log basket, vacuum downstairs and light the fire.

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