2018-01-22 – Preparing two weekly vlogs.

I am still preparing to be away from home for a week when we fly to Egypt for a holiday, snorkelling in the Red Sea, so today I am preparing two weekly vlogs so that I can maintain my schedule of publishing them on my YouTube channel every Friday.  I finish scripting the second of these vlogs this morning, and then set up the camera, tripod, lighting and teleprompter so that I can film myself.  The first of these videos is about DBS and speech problems, which is kind of ironic given the problems that I am currently experiencing.  My neurostimulator is still using group “A” settings, which I switched to yesterday because my voice was getting me down.  My voice isn’t as bad as it was yesterday, but I still have a multitude of problems when I’m filming myself, and have to do countless re-takes.  The second vlog is about swallowing problems with Parkinson’s, and I manage to film that one without quite so many problems.  I transfer all of the raw footage to my MacBook and make a start on the editing, taking a break to take the dog for a walk just as it starts to get dark.

I had hoped to finish both of these videos today, but it just isn’t going to happen…  I manage to finish the first one, and upload it to my YouTube channel ready to publish it on Friday – I’ll do the second one tomorrow!

I split some logs, fill the log basket and light the fire just as my wife arrives home from work.

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