2018-01-24 – More holiday preparation.

More holiday preparation today, so I spend the morning checking us in online for our flight to Marsa Alam, printing out all of the necessary paperwork to take with us, and going through my checklist to ensure that we don’t forget anything.

We like to oil the kitchen worktops when we go on holiday because it gives the oil a chance to soak into the wood, so I move everything (and there is quite a lot) off the work surface and stack it on the dining table, and then apply a liberal coat of linseed oil to the oak worktops.

The dog is pestering me to take her for a walk (even though it hasn’t stopped raining all day) so I take her for a soggy trudge around the field.

Personal grooming is next on the agenda, so I get the hair clippers, retire to the bathroom, give myself a nice close haircut, have a shave, cut my nails, have a bath and (finally) clean up after myself.

Just a few gadgets and chargers to pack in the suitcase now, and we’re all set!

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