2018-01-21 – Preparing to go on holiday

I spend today preparing to go on holiday, so I research and script the next two of my weekly vlogs (well, I actually finish one of them, and make a good start on the second), and I select some t-shirts, shorts, swimming trunks and a couple of baseball caps to be packed in the suitcase.

It’s freezing cold here today, and it has even snowed a little bit, so I clean the woodburner, split a few logs, fill the log basket, light the fire and run the vacuum cleaner around downstairs.

I take the dog for her afternoon walk, and then settle down in front of the fire for the evening. ¬†Tremor is fairly well under control today, but my voice is rubbish again, so I try changing my neurostimulator settings to group “A” to see if that helps. ¬†It does help a little bit, but I’m still not happy with the way that I sound – I’ll leave it on group “A” settings for the moment and see how my voice is in the morning.

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