2018-01-20 – Firing it up.

We are going to my wife’s eldest son’s house this morning.  We bought him a small gas forge for his birthday – a strange gift, I know, but that’s what he wanted because he wants to make a set of kitchen knives!  This morning he is going to be firing it up for the first time, and I volunteered to film it and make a video to publish on YouTube.  We arrive, he fires it up, I film the process, everyone is happy.  I will edit the video and publish it when we return from our week’s holiday in Egypt.

We take our leave of the family and drive to Tesco in Sprowston to get some currency, some milk and a couple of beers, and then we head back to Southrepps.

My wife has to go out again, to visit a potential customer for her soft furnishings business, so I fill the log basket, light the fire and take the dog for her afternoon walk before it gets dark.

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