2018-01-08 – The Parkinson’s nurse.

My wife and I have an appointment with the Parkinson’s nurse at 9am, so we get up at a reasonable time and I take the dog for a quick walk while my wife makes the tea/coffee and the Nutriblasts.

We are out of the door by 8.40am and arrive at the cottage hospital in North Walsham bang on schedule.  The nurse listens to our concerns (muscle weakness, balance issues and lack of motivation) and actually comes up with some good suggestions (which is unusual).  I was particularly impressed that she knew about forced exercise (which I covered in last week’s vlog) and was also able to offer me forced exercise through a referral to their physiotherapy department which, she told us, she would request for me as a matter of urgency.  She also picked up on my voice issues, and is going to refer me for some speech therapy which should address my vocal problems and also swallowing problems (which have started to become more of a problem of late).   We left the hospital feeling much more positive than we had when we arrived, and I just hope that there isn’t too much of a waiting list for the proposed referrals.

My wife departs for work, and I depart for Lidl in Cromer to see if they have got any heatlogs (they have sold out of them in their North Walsham branch) but Cromer branch have also run out!  It’s just typical that we have to wait until Thursday for our log delivery just as the weather turns cold again…  I drive back to Southrepps via the garden centre in Overstrand and grab a bag of heatlogs from there (inferior quality and higher price than Lidl, but needs must).

I light the fire at 3pm (having put it off for as long as possible) and take the dog for her afternoon stroll.

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