2018-01-09 – A certain amount of pressure.

I’m feeling under a certain amount of pressure at the moment.   I have two video projects in progress that I really need to finish off – one is editing my neighbour’s safari holiday video (payment in kind for a video camera that he gave to me), and the other is my wife’s youngest son’s wedding video (which I had hoped to finish before Christmas, but didn’t!).

My Macbook is fast running out of disk space, so I need to back it up to an external hard drive so that I can install a larger disk drive in my MacBook.  Sounds straightforward enough, but I was trying to back it up yesterday afternoon (and failed), so I try again today.

This time I’m successful, but it does take me all day to accomplish.  I’ll leave the installation of the new disk drive until tomorrow – should be straightforward… (famous last words!).

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