2018-01-07 – Keeping out of the way.

I don’t do very much at all today.  We make up for an early start yesterday, and lie-in until almost 10am. My wife’s brother and his family are dropping in to see us later on today (with Christmas presents) so my wife wants to clean and tidy the house before they arrive.  She also wants to catch up with the tasks that she would have performed yesterday, had she not been working.  My main task today, therefore, is keeping out of the way and not getting under her feet!

I sort out the woodburner, laying the fire ready to light later on this afternoon, and then I fill the log basket with the heatlogs that my wife bought back from Lidl yesterday evening.

I vacuum downstairs, light the fire and then take the dog for her afternoon walk just before our visitors are due to arrive.

My voice isn’t too bad today and I’m not slurring as much as usual, so conversation isn’t too embarrassing for me.  Tremor is still there (in my left leg) but not troubling me unduly.   My main discomfort today is muscular rigidity, and I find it very difficult (and painful) to move around too much – that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!

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