2017-07-29 – A hyperactive 22 month old.

We are going over to Hevingham this morning to look after our eldest granddaughter for a few hours, so we are up, cups of tea/coffee drunk, breakfasted and out of the door (with dog in tow) shortly after 9.30am.

We spend a happy few hours chasing around after a hyperactive 22 month old (well, my wife does – I sit on the sofa, most of the time, with my iPad and merely spectate).

Its practically evening by the time we return to Southrepps, and I prepare dinner (“prepare” might be a bit of an overstatement – I reheat a lentil curry that my wife prepared a couple of days ago).

Mostly, my Parkinson’s symptoms are tolerably under control, but I have been having trouble eating my food lately, as a consequence (I believe) of Parkinson’s Disease – I cannot eat anything without biting the inside of my mouth.  This has been happening for quite a long time now (years rather than months) but just recently has become much worse.  My mouth is so sore and ulcerated where my teeth keep mangling it that I have decided to liquidise my food for a few days to give my mouth a chance to heal and for the swelling to go down.  I put my portion of lentil curry into our Nutribullet and process it until it is smooth.  I manage to bite the inside of my mouth a couple of times while eating food that requires no chewing, but that’s an improvement on the dozen or more times that has become the norm recently.

Ice cream for pudding, followed by a bottle (or two) of Bishop’s Finger and a couple of episodes of Episodes on Netflix.

One thought on “2017-07-29 – A hyperactive 22 month old.”

  1. Ian, now and then (not often), my lower jaw will jerk (Essential Tremor) and cause my teeth to chomp on the back left side of my tongue. Painful. Therefore, I can partly empathize with your pain. I’m sorry it happens to you and so badly.
    I prefer chewing my food on my right side but because I lack wisdom teeth on the bottom right side of my jaw, I sometimes puree certain foods–broccoli, even hamburger, in my food processor so that I’ll get more nutrients out of them. I hope your mouth heals quickly. 🙂
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