2017-07-30 – A little shopping expedition.

We have a little shopping expedition planned today – my wife’s father had his birthday a couple of days ago, and he’s coming over this evening for dinner and to receive his birthday present, and we haven’t yet purchased his present!

So, once the breakfast formalities are out of the way and the dog has been walked, we set off for Roy’s of Wroxham (which is actually in Hoveton).   I’m not a very good shopper – I like to stride in, pick up what I want to buy, pay and then get out as quickly as possible.  I hate shopping when I don’t know what I’m shopping for, so I’ve basically had enough within 10 minutes, so my wife (who actually isn’t much better than I am, where shopping is concerned) continues looking for a gift while I find myself somewhere to sit down and wait.

My wife finds a nice sweatshirt for her father, and we return to Southrepps via Lidl in North Walsham for ingredients for a birthday cake and some bottles of beer.

I’m feeling very tired when we get home, so I sit and recuperate while my wife bakes a cake and prepares a meal for us all.

Muscular tension is quite uncomfortable in my legs and arms this afternoon, so I decide to self-medicate with some cannabis, which makes things much more bearable.

My wife’s father arrives with bottle of wine in hand (he’s a good chap!), is very pleased with his birthday present (thank goodness), and stays chatting until gone midnight, so we don’t get to bed until 1am – I expect to be tired tomorrow!

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