2017-07-28 – Vlog day!

It’s Friday, so it’s vlog day, and I have a busy day ahead, especially since my wife is working from home today (doing the company accounts for her soft furnishings business).  I’m very self conscious when I’m filming myself, and like to have the house to myself.

I get the routine stuff out of the way first – tea, nutriblast and dog walk – and then get stuck into writing the script. I have found a really good article about dopamine agonists, but it’s in technical language so I need to simplify it somewhat.

Once I have finished the script I get myself ready for filming, while my wife hides herself away upstairs.  I’m having real trouble with my voice today – its very weak and husky, and it’s a great effort projecting it clearly.  I have a large number of re-takes before I’m anything approaching satisfied.  I load the footage onto my MacBook and get it edited in a reasonable amount of time, considering that tremor is interfering with my use of the mouse.  It’s uploaded to my YouTube channel and published by the time we have had dinner.

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