2017-07-27 – Online research!

I concentrate on online research today. I have decided to do my weekly vlog on the subject of dopamine agonists, and it’s a subject close to the hearts of many people with Parkinson’s, so I want to be sure that my vlog is both informative and accurate.

First off, I need a cup (or two) of tea, my wife requires similar quantities of coffee, the dog needs a walk, and I have a couple of tasks that I need to get crossed off my list (an email that I’ve been meaning to send since last week and a boat battery that really has to be ordered this morning).

I drink tea, walk the dog, send the e-mail and order the battery – achievements!

The rest of the day revolves around my vlog, and I manage to find plenty of information about PD medications, and even write some of the script, although there’s still plenty of work to be done.

I’m less fatigued than I was yesterday afternoon, which is a bit of a surprise, given the busy day we had yesterday, but my tremor is more pronounced today – so much so that I self-medicate with a little cannabis this afternoon, which definitely relaxes me and moderates the shaking. My balance and walking are okay. My voice is weak and disappearing from time to time. Muscles are feeling good, dyskinesia and dystonia aren’t feeling too bad.  My mood is okay, too.  On the whole, I’m having a reasonably good day!

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