2017-07-26 – A family day.

We are having a family day today.  My wife decided that she was going to take this week off work and we had planned to spend it on the boat, but the weather forecast has been really grim for the entire week so we decided against that.  So, my wife has been trying to bring the company accounts up to date, and just generally take advantage of a small unexpected lull in work.  When her eldest son’s fiancee asked her if we were available to look after or granddaughter for the day, we decided to take her out to Wroxham Barns for the day and invited my wife’s mother,  her youngest son’s fiancee and our youngest granddaughter to join us.

We are up, have had tea/coffee, walked the dog, eaten breakfast and are on our way to Hevingham (to pick up our granddaughter) by 8.45am, which is pretty incredible given that my wife had another restless night (and, therefore, so did I).

We get to Wroxham Barns by 10.30am and spend an exhausting 3 hours chasing around after our turbocharged 22 month old granddaughter – feeding a variety of farmyard animals including cows, goats and sheep, and having lots of fun in the soft play area.  Our 2.5 month old granddaughter is much less work (at the moment).  By the time we return home, I’m not the only one that feels the need to have a lie down!

Fatigue almost overcomes me, but I’m otherwise having a really good day, symptom-wise – my tremor is there, but definitely bearable, as are dyskinesia and dystonia.  My balance is an improvement on the last couple of days, and my walking (although definitely wooden) isn’t an issue, either.  Muscular weakness and stiffness aren’t posing any problems, and even my voice isn’t too bad.

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