2017-07-22 – A lot less grumpy.

I forgot to turn my neurostimulator down (again) last night, but I slept fine – my brain must be getting used to the latest settings. ┬áI’m still feeling more positive (and a lot less grumpy) than I was just a few days ago, but I can’t say I’m particularly motivated to achieve anything at the moment. ┬áNormally this would stress me out, especially at the weekend when I feel more obliged to do stuff (because my wife is at home and doing stuff), but mild anxiety is as bad as it got today.

I have a number of emails and messages that I have received over the last couple of days, and I really need to respond to them, so I spend this morning doing just that.

I also post links to my latest vlog on Twitter and Instagram, and then attempt to help my wife (who is doing the accounts for her soft furnishing business) by locating (and printing) all of the company bank statements for last year – big deal, huh?

I’m ashamed to say that that’s all I’ve done today, apart from taking the dog for her second walk of the day (my wife took her for her first one).

My balance has been a bit off today (and yesterday evening – I noticed that I was clinging on to the shopping trolley more than usual when we went to Lidl for our weekly grocery shop), and my walking is slightly more erratic. Other than that, my symptoms appear to be reasonably stable.

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