2017-07-21 – I have achieved!

I slept a little better last night, even though I forgot to turn my neurostimulator down when I went to bed.  I was thrashing around in my sleep (a little bit) but nothing like the previous night.

I’m feeling a little better mentally; not so stressed as I have been feeling, and I feel as though I could actually achieve something today – which is just as well, because I have a vlog to make!

I take the dog for her morning walk, and then get on with researching and scripting my vlog.

I’m using a new (to me) camera today, so I’m taking longer than usual to make sure that it its properly set up – I don’t want to have to film myself twice!  My voice is a little better than it has been for the last couple of weeks, and filming goes fairly smoothly (for a change) without too many re-takes.

I transfer the raw video to my MacBook, and by the time my wife returns from work I have finished the editing (in spite of some tremor that made things a little more tricky than they should have been), uploaded the finished video to my YouTube channel, published it and posted links to it on Facebook and various Parkinson’s disease forums.  I feel that I have achieved!

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