2017-07-23 – Slightly more stressed.

I’m slightly more stressed today than I was yesterday – my wife is getting on with the tiling in the bathroom, and I’m just lounging around downstairs.  I occupy myself with email and social media, occasionally breaking off to cut a tile for my wife with our electric tile cutter (just to make me feel that I am doing something useful).

I take the dog for a couple of stumbles around the field by the village hall (my balance is still a bit dodgy today, although I’m still not actually falling over – I’m thankful for small mercies) and pay a visit to our allotment where I harvest some more mis-shapen carrots, a few beetroot, a couple of courgettes (one of which is doing a pretty good impersonation of a marrow) and a bag full of spinach.

My tremor is breaking through in my left leg again, as if I hadn’t increased the voltage on my neurostimulator just a few days ago.  My right sided tremor is fairly well under control still, so perhaps I’ll try another increase to my left side a little later in the week.  I’m struggling a little with energy (I don’t really have any at the moment) and my voice (which is very weak, and fails me completely about 50% of the time).  I think the time is drawing near for a tune-up at the NHNN, perhaps different settings will improve things for me…

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