2017-07-20 – New neurostimulator settings.

I didn’t sleep particularly well.  My new neurostimulator settings aggravated my dyskinesia, and I was aware that I was thrashing around in my sleep somewhat.  I’ll have to remember to turn the stimulation down when I go to bed in future.

I’m still feeling out of sorts this morning. My mood hasn’t improved (as far as I can tell).  I have some tremor in my left leg today, in spite of increasing my device settings yesterday – hopefully it’ll settle down as the day goes on.

I have a dental appointment at 11.30am to glue back the crown that I managed to dislodge earlier this week. I’m not nervous about having dental work done (when you’ve had as much dental work done as I have, you become very blasé about it) but my tremor is going wild in my left leg the whole time I’m in the dentists chair, to the extent that the dental nurse asked me (on 2 occasions) if I was okay.  Anyway, my smile is now restored to its former glory, although my wife insisted that this week’s vlog had my gap-toothed grin at the end of it, so I filmed that before I left for my appointment!

My afternoon is taken up with researching the subject of this week’s vlog, which is about the early signs of Parkinson’s disease.  I don’t make much progress with the script, though – so that’s a task for tomorrow morning…

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