2017-07-17 – Still lacking energy.

I’m still lacking energy today, so I don’t actually do very much.   I have a number of YouTube comments on my latest vlog, so I spend a large slice of the morning responding to them.  That’s about as energetic as I want to get at the moment!  I take the dog out for her usual walks, of course.  My voice is still very weak, and my muscular weakness and stiffness is fairly uncomfortable at times.  My balance and walking are slightly better than they were yesterday.  My tremor is pretty much the same.

I receive a phone call from the solicitor who is sorting out the estate of my recently deceased next door neighbour – she wants to visit my neighbour’s property and make sure that she has all of the paperwork that she requires to apply for probate, so we make an appointment for this afternoon and I spend an hour or so before she arrives searching through my neighbours drawers and cupboards and sorting through a mountain of mail, making sure that we won’t be overlooking anything important.

The solicitor’s visit passes without incident (although I’m extremely conscious of my weak voice) and then I take the dog for her second walk of the day.  I have a brief tidy up of the kitchen and then vacuum downstairs before my wife arrives home from work, and that’s my day done…

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