2017-07-16 – Watching my wife at work.

My wife is intent on making some progress with tiling the bathroom walls today, and I’m really not feeling up to it – so I resign myself to watching my wife at work.

It’s difficult to put my finger on how I am feeling – I really want to finish off the bathroom (and the kitchen), but I cannot summon up the energy and enthusiasm to achieve it, even though the fact that I’m not doing it (and my wife is) is stressing me out.  My tremor is a little better today, although it is still present in my left leg.  Muscular pain (due to weakness and stiffness) appears to be taking the day off, which is most welcome.  My voice remains incredibly weak, disappearing halfway through every sentence I speak – very frustrating!  My walking is still fairly stilted, and my balance isn’t great, but I’m used to it being this way now…

I take the dog for her afternoon walk (my wife took her out this morning), make a ratatouille style dish with a large courgette/small marrow from our allotment and then prepare a ham and cheese omelette to go with it for our dinner – my progress is painfully slow compared to how I was before Parkinson’s, but at least I have achieved something today.

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